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Why Do Excavator Bucket Teeth Rapid Wear?

source: Fenghua Mingyue Precision Casting Co., Ltd.  Author:  Time: 2016-12-15 22:12:44

Excavator bucket tooth is a very important component on an excavator, but also is wear parts. This bucket tooth is composed of a tooth base and a tooth tip, they are connected by a pin. Due to the tooth tip is the easiest wear part, it is usually replaced by a new one when the tooth is failure. However, under what conditions that daewoo bucket teeth would rapid wear?



Daewoo bucket teeth are subject to different degrees of abrasion and impact under different operating conditions, causing different degrees and different forms of failures. If there are obvious furrow-like scratches on the front surface of teeth, and the tooth tip of the little plastic deformation but no cracks. After the force analysis, the forces that teeth surface contacting with the objects to be excavated are different as in the distinct work stages. When the tooth tip touches object surfaces, due to a rapid speed, this part suffers relatively strong impact, and if the teeth have the low hardness and toughness, the teeth tip will be plastically deformed.



The force will change with the increasing of mining depth. When cutting the objects, the positive pressing force caused by relative motion becomes a large friction between the working tooth surface and objects, and the friction will even be larger if the objects are hard rock blocks or concrete. This process recycled and repeated, resulting in the different degrees of surface wear, further making the greater depth of the groove. Therefore, the friction is the main external factor of the teeth failure, and plays a major role in the process.