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How Can the Proper Maintenance Save Costs?

source: Fenghua Mingyue Precision Casting Co., Ltd.  Author:  Time: 2016-12-15 22:12:09

Hydraulic excavator bucket plays a very important role in repeatedly digging - loading - unloading operations, the bucket teeth therefore as the wear parts are largely consumed, to understand the repairs and maintenance of daewoo bucket teeth can help companies save much maintenance costs.

1. How to ensure a solid installation

In general, if the gap between the daewoo bucket tooth and the tooth holder is over large, the bucket tooth will shake in digging process, resulting in early wear and tooth loss.


2. Bucket teeth should remain sharp

Usually the bucket teeth in both sides wear faster than the bucket teeth in the middle. When the bucket teeth on sides wear much shorter, the length difference reaches 2-3cm, you can exchange these teeth with the teeth of the middle part, and then continue to use.


3. The timely replacement of bucket teeth

Before daily work, the visual inspection of daewoo bucket teeth wear and teeth loose is necessary. The teeth wear that over the usage limit will not only damage the teeth seat and bucket, but also affect the digging efficiency and reduce productivity.